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Menu Box Visage 2
Menu Box Visage 2 - A3 Size This A3 menu case box for external or internal use is Available illuminated or non iluminated in portrait or landscape. Aluminium finished with a polyester powder coated silver/black finish menu case A3 size.
Built-up Trough Bulb Letter
Bulb signs were the first illuminated signs long before neon. Bulb signs, using Carnival bulbs, LED's are a great way to attract attention with static or flashing bulbs formed into letters or shapes.
DIY Neon is an innovative, affordable range of self-assembly cold neon signs. Using newly patented technologies and a different approach to signage, the DIY Neon system provides a cost-effective and customisable lighting system.
Deko Light Stick
Light-Sticks are available in many different colours and are perfect for so many mood changing areas. Perfect for internal or external use as the fluorescent tube is covered by a weatherproof protective sleeve.
Lecturn Visage Menu Sign
The lecturn A4,A3,A2,A1,A0 visage menu case is available in a range of finishes - silver/black, brass, brushed/polished stainless steel. Strong, Robust Durable Finish. Menu Case on Pedestal Stand.
Fret Cut Visage Menu Case
Fret Cut Visage Menu Case available in Polished stainless steel, brushed s/s, lacquered brass, black aluminium, silver aluminium finishes. Available in many sizes and logos considered.
Oval LED Open Sign
This piercing blue LED unit gives the choice of being permanently on or with the simple press of a button turns into a flashing/chasing sign which no one will miss.
Trough LED Light Lux
LED Trough Light is an eco friendly and maintenance free Trough lighting system that uses upto half the energy of a fluorescent light. Trough Includes : LED modules, Specialist polycarbonate lens, 200mm uni brackets, Polyester Powder Coated finish in black or white as chosen from the drop down box below.
Edge lit led sign engraved (bespoke)
Edge Lit acrylic engraved sign with your choice of wording. The engraved wording is highlighted by the super bright leds cutting though the perspex for an even, stylish high impact sign.
Bar Drink Stand 3 Step
The Illuminated Bar stand is what transforms bars into memories.This incredible 3 step bar has 9 color options. Have a single color or RGB color changing effect.
F.A.R.T.E Neon Transformer supplied with Earth trip, mains and HT cable terminals for use with neon tubes/sections and neon signs. This neon power supply is heavy and robust.
Fibre Optic chandelier - FLOWER
Our fibre optic chandelier FLOWER will shine beautiful colours in your Restaurant, Bar, Office, Lobby or even home. This fibre optic Chandelier is stunning giving an expensive colourful feel @ a reasonable price.
Ever light Neon Power Supply 8kv 25ma
Ever Light Neon Transformer (High Voltage) 8kV 25mA neon power supply with built in earth leakage, open circuit protection and dimming switch 0 to 100%.
Bar Neon Sign
Neon bar sign, this would be great in a wine bar or club! This is the classic bar neon sign that was doing therounds in the 90's in most commercial bars.
Open LED Display 1
This led open sign is Ideal for use in retail outlets, restaurants and shop windows.These super bright LED displays are designed for mounting internally facing out of a window, they have a wide viewing angle and will last for year’s maintenance free. Available in 2 different sizes.
Double Sided Lightbox
A cost effective illuminated double sided lightbox sign for veiwing from both directions along the street. Illuminated on two sides with vinyl graphics it really is the must have for every kind of retail shopfront. (Find Code: Deal6) Double Sided Lightbox Sign.
AD6 A-Board
This Strong tubular framed poster A-board is used extensively in high streets and shopping centres. Fully vinyled or digitally printed at the top in your own specified design. The main body on both sides can contain and advertise posters while the top plate advertises the name of your business. (Find Code: 555)
Projecting Wall Sign II.
A low cost advertising double sided wall sign for viewing from both ways along the street. (Find Code: 563) Double sided wall sign II.
Menu Sign Double portrait A4
Menu case box sign double A4 portrait/landscape comes wall mountable for use in external or internal conditions. Choice to have the menu case illuminated or non-illuminated and supplied in a choice of materials. perfect for restaurants advertising menu's or pictures of food. (Find Code: 216) Menu Sign Double A4 portrait landscape.
Siet Neon Transformer
Transformer Siet (High Voltage) Cold Cathode and neon tubes can be powered by either "high" or "low" voltage transformers, depending on the project requirements. Neon power supply.
"Original" Iron Swing Sign
This swinging iron sign hanger with curve design offers a more contemporary feel. The hanger is a more traditional right angle type giving good strength and rigidity. Supplied as a iron hanger with stainless steel hooks for holding the moulded eclipse panel and your own vinyl design! (Find Code: 104/107) Iron Bracket Swing sign.
Complete with rotating barbers pole this uniquely designed unit will prove to be a must for the Barbers shop who want to get noticed.
Light Writer Notice and Menu Board
A write on glow in the dark menu board for everyday use in restaurants, shops & bars. Neon menu board.
Illuminated Poster Case
Super slim single sided illuminated units for displaying transparencies and posters in all internal applications. Very competivly priced illuminated poster case / lightbox sign.
Steaming Coffee Light Sign
With the eye catching steam effect from this OPEN SIGN potential customers would be under no doubt that hot liquid refreshments await them within.
Rotating Barber Pole illuminated
Barbers Pole. Mains Powered, Illuminating and Rotating. There can be no better way to advertise your Barbers - Hairdressing salon.
Hansen Neon Electronic Convertor
The modern neon power supply with economical low power consumption compact with integral earth leakage & open circuit protection.
Freestanding Visage Menu Sign
The Freestanding A4,A3,A2,A1,A0 visage menu case is available in a range of finishes - silver/black, brass, brushed/polished stainless steel. Strong, Robust Durable Finish. Menu Case on Pedestal Stand.
Open Neon Sign
Open neon sign. Perfect for any shop or restaurant! Lets the customer know you are open for business. Very bright, very attractive, neon is the number 1 illumination across the globe. Open Neon Signs are perfect for windows and internal use.
Tri Colour 13 Character
Tri Colour 13 Character Moving Message Board With Remote Control, 100 Message Memory and Battery Back-up. Dimensions 28 x 80 x 610mm. Moving Message Sign.
Ricci Neon Transformer
Ricci Neon Transformer cost effective italian high voltage transformers from a well known and long established neon transformer manufacturer.
Matel Neon Resin Transformer
Matel Neon Transformer with Earth trip, mains and HT cable connections all housed under magnetically connected lid. Neon Transformers available to buy online Between 1kv (1000volts) and 10kv (10,000volts) and from 25ma upto 100ma. Prices start at £79.00 + delivery + VAT. For use with Neon and Cold Cathode Lighting.
LED Neon Flex 24v - 16mm 10mtr Roll
All colours of LED Neon Flex available : Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Blue, White, Warm white. Its a professional linear lighting device using LED technology. It looks like Glass neon, but is flexible. The product operates on Low Voltage 24Volts.
LED Neon Flex 24v - 16mm by the 1mtr
All colours of LED Neon Flex available : Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Blue, White, Warm white. Its a professional linear lighting device using LED technology. It looks like Glass neon, but is flexible. The product operates on Low Voltage 24Volts.
Lightbox Bulb Sign
Lightbox bulb sign available in 3 sizes and 3 colours. This eye catching bulb sign can be supplied in single sided or double sided.
32" High Definition Slimline Digital Advertising Screen
As an information and commercial media player, the Slimline Advertising Display 32" is widely applied in elevator halls, office buildings, airports, cruisers, counters in department stores, supermarkets and other public places. (Find code: SLAD32)
Exchange Rate Board 10
Exchange Rate Board 10 Displays and Pricing Board is an eye catching high quality display. As standard bright enough for window positioning and option to customise to to your own logo and colour customisation.
Neon Sign Open
This neon sign features the word 'OPEN' spelt out in large red capital letters and a blue ellipse border around the letters. Excellent for any shop window and extremely cheap to run!
Red LED Moving Message 10 Character
RED LED MOVING MESSAGE 10 CHARACTER Robust aluminium black powder coated case finish RED LED, 10 Characters 2” (50mm) Font Height Case Dimension (HxWxD): 98mm x 435mm x 35mm
'THE BIG ONE!' Antique Frame 80x120cm
Larger size blackboard - ideal for pubs, wine bars catering etc. High quality writing surface suitable for liquid and ordinary chalks. Including wall plates for hanging. Pens are available to buy as an extra. Antique framed Chalkboard.
Newspaper Style A Board
Metal framed traditional pavement newspaper style A-board with billwires!

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