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Hyde Park Lantern
With an air of sophistication and boldly displaying its classic lantern design, the Hyde Park Collection is a family of lanterns and cradles that are perfect for today. Buy with confidence these lanterns are manufactured to an excellent quality.
Small Surrey Lantern
The Small Surrey is an instantly recognisable modern lantern design made by our skilled craftsmen. Beautiful to look at and perfectly shaped this is our best selling lantern.
Staford Lantern
A large traditional style lantern for conservation areas, town squares, city streets, village centres and other similar situations, which require a traditional lantern whilst maintaining optimum light distribution and control.
Voyager 40
As well as our traditional lantern styles that are instantly recognisable, we have recently developed modern lantern designs that bring the idea of lantern lighting right up to date. Voyager 40 Lantern made to an excellent quality.
Warwick Lantern
The Warwick Lantern is a Square, victorian period lantern for situations needing a traditional lantern.