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LED Deko Light Sticks

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LED Deko Light Stick
LED Deko Light-Sticks are available in many different colours and are perfect for so many mood changing areas. Perfect for internal or external use as the fluorescent tube is covered by a weatherproof protective sleeve.
Ceiling Hanging System
The wiring system enables the Light-Stick to be suspended from the ceiling discreetly. Two thin wires support the mounting clips,onto which the Light-Stick is simply clicked.
Deko Stick Clear Lite Acrylic Stand
The floor stand made of acrylic glass is the almost invisible alternative to the stainless steel stand. By highly polished transparency Light-Sticks seem to stand by themselves.
Double Clip Adapter
With the adapter leave themselves two or also several shining staffs with only one "click" to connect.
Large Stainless Steel Stand
With the floor stand the Light-Stick is fast, simple, decorative and stable set up and a floor lamp is created. Deko light Stick Stand.
Small Stainless Steel Deko Stick Stand
The small stainless steel stand (developed for the 425mm Light-Stick) is equipped with an integrated penholder; thus immediately a bright table lamp has an additional function with advertisement and use (steel look ballpoint pen at chain included).
Stainless Steel Earth Pick
The Stainless Steel Earth Pick for Light-Sticks: with brushed surface, well formed and easy to handle.
Suction Cup
Suction Pad Set: with two suction pads on clips your Light-Stick clings to the glass.
Wall Mounting System
Two discreet mounting clips are used to fit the Light-Stick to the wall. The clips are available individually or as a set. Two clips are necessary for mounting one Light-Stick.