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Menu Display Light Box

Single Sided menu click frame Light Boxes with Extruded PVC/alu Frame. Can be connected like puzzle pieces with other units to create the length and size you need.
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Product Code: MENIU1

Menu Display Light Box
Product Weight:  9kg
Product Condition:  New

Single Sided menu click frame Light Boxes with powdercoated silver Extruded PVC/alu Frame. Can be connected like puzzle pieces with other units to create the length and size you need. Designed for their flexibility, our systems will suit your exact needs and include everything you need for a complete point-of-purchase display system.

Through experience, we have learned that customers today expect not only to taste good food but also to be shown what's on offer beforehand. Visual communication coupled with their own sense of smell makes them feel even hungrier .. hence "People today buy with their eyes."

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  • High degree of flexibility
  •  Wide choice of styles & colours
  • Solid aluminium boxes
  • Highly illuminated panel
  • May be internally or externally displayed
  • Wall fitted, ceiling suspended or free-standing
  • Transparencies and prices are fully interchangeable
  • Menu item updating
  • Competitively priced
  • Powder Coated Aluminium Sliver Click Frame
  • Strong Robust Build


  1. 21" x 14"  - 533 x 355mm - aprrox Panel Size 463 x 285mm - approx Visual Size 433 x 255mm
  2. 21" x 21" - 533 x 533mm - approx Panel Size 463 x 463mm - approx Visual Size 433 x 433mm
  3. 21" x 25" - 533 x 635mm - approx Panel Size 463 x 565mm - approx Visual Size 433 x 535mm
  4. 21" x 30" - 533 x 762mm - approx Panel Size 463 x 692mm - approx Visual Size 433 x 662mm
  5. 25" x 25" - 635 x 635mm - approx Panel Size 565 x 565mm - approx Visual Size 535 x 535mm
  6. 25" x 30" - 635 x 762mm - approx Panel Size 565 x 692mm - approx Visual Size 535 x 662mm
  7. 25" x 40" - 635 x 1016mm - approx Panel Size 565 x 946mm - approx Visual Size 535 x 916mm

This sign can be installed, If you would like to enquire about installation please contact us for a quote by email or phone.

(Find Code: MENIU1)

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